Jill Eathorne Bahr

About Jill Eathorne Bahr

Resident Choreographer –

Photo © Tony Powell.CBT

Photo © Tony Powell.CBT

Coastal Ballet USA’s Choreographer Jill Eathorne Bahr is recognized for her unique and personal choreographic approach, Jill Eathorne-Bahr has been heralded as being sleek and explosive in her range of styles. Works of Bahr include her nihilistic Firebird and the “World War II Slant of Life in France” in Last Vestiges of a Torch Song Café in addition to her primal tale of a matriarch society turned upside down, The Rite of Spring. Her newest world premiere creation “Zorro” was a heralded landmark success.

Jill Eathorne Bahr served as Resident Choreographer of Charleston Ballet Theatre since its inception as a professional ballet company in 1987. Bahr been awarded two National Endowment for the Arts Choreographic Fellowships, four Monticello Choreographic Fellowships, the William Habich Choreography Award, the South Carolina Arts Commission Choreography Fellowship in 1997 – the first time offered in 10 years, two Astral Choreography Awards, and was part of the Celebration of the Uncommon Woman in Oregon. Bahr was most recently awarded the Verner Award from the SC Arts Commission recognizing outstanding achievement and contributions to the arts in South Carolina and a second choreography fellowship from the same organization in 2009.

Her choreography can be found in the repertoire of Atlanta Ballet, Boston Ballet, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Ballet Eddy Toussaint USA, Central Indiana Dance Ensemble, New American Youth Ballet, Eugene Ballet, Indianapolis Ballet Theatre, Nevada Dance Theatre, North Carolina Dance Theatre, State of Alabama Ballet, Ballet Omaha, Joffrey II Dancers and the Fort Wayne Ballet. She has taught at many colleges including University of Akron, the University of South Florida, the University of Maryland/Baltimore and has adjudicated numerous American College Dance Festivals and Regional Dance America Festivals. Bahr recently served on the National Endowment for the Arts Dance Panel. She served as one of the 5 National Adjudicators at the Regional Dance America Festival that was held in Montreal in May of 2012.

Jill served as the Adjudicator of the RDA Mid-State Region in 2014, and the Adjudicator of RDA Southeast 2015. She will be one of the 5 National Adjudicators at the Regional Dance America Festival that will be held in Phoenix in May of 2017.


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